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Papermaking Apprenticeship in Buenos Aires- Help Make it Pozible!

You may have seen my ‘About Page’ where I talk about being a graduate student. I just wrapped up my first year of my program in Paper and Bioprocess Engineering and it’s time to head out to my summer mill placement. I’m looking forward to sharing the stories and lessons from this adventure on the blog because I’ll be working in Argentina with master papermaker Alejandro Geiler! In a matter of weeks I’ll be boarding a plane to Buenos Aires.

Today I’m asking for your help. This opportunity to apprentice with Alejandro Geiler is pivotal to my career as a craftswoman. It took me eight months to find and secure the position, which is unpaid. The Syracuse Pulp and Paper Foundation awarded me a stipend to cover the roundtrip flight from Syracuse to Buenos Aires. I’ve sold art prints I’ve made, clothing and books and collectibles to help cover the rest of the expenses, but I’m not quite there yet. With your help I can take advantage of this educational experience without going further in debt (and you’ll get some paper goodies as a thank you!).

Come learn more about the campaign on the crowd funding site

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