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My Gratitude

success campaign

My fundraising campaign has been a success and I want to thank everyone. Thank you for believing in me and this craft quest I’m on. Thank you for sharing the link on your Facebook pages, for tolerating my many posts and emails, for sending me kind and encouraging words and for contributing to the campaign itself. I feel incredibly empowered by your words and actions.


Also, thank you to Drucilla Nordmark, my wonderful mother, who is taking care of mailing out the rewards, seeing as I’m out of the country.

And to Judd Lapp, for encouraging me to do this campaign in the first place.

3 comments on “My Gratitude

  1. allison roscoe
    June 16, 2014

    I feel that I am receiving so much more than I gave. I am thrilled to see another person so enthusiastic about paper. It adds encouragement to me as I am starting my own paper making center here in Hawaii. Share the joy of hand made paper! Allison

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    • thefiberwire
      June 17, 2014

      Thanks for your words, Allison! I’m glad to hear I’m encouraging you as you’ve encouraged me. Exciting news about your papermaking center. Do you have a link you can share?


      • allison roscoe
        June 17, 2014

        No link yet but it will be with the Honolulu Museum of art School. I will start classes in the fall. I will keep you posted. Aloha,Allison


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