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Handmade Paper Exchange

Hello, handmade papermakers!

You are invited to participate in this full-sheet handmade paper

What You Need to Do:

Mail To:

  • Make handmade paper in size A4, B5, D4, or US letter size. Please no glitter
  • Send 11 sheets to the organizer postmarked by December 1, 2021. Write the fiber used and your name on each sheet. Include one copy of your recipe along with your name, email and your return address.
  • Send in fee. Pay what you can. Requested contribution is US$10 (US based) or US$30 (everywhere else). This can be a check or money order or PayPal ( Please choose ”send money to friend” option on Paypal. If you know that the US Postal Service does not reliably get mail to your country, please contact me and we will work out another shipment method.

Genevieve Lapp, 3521 Zinran Ave S, Saint Louis Park, MN, 55426

What You’ll Get Back

  • 10 randomly selected sheets of handmade paper housed in some enclosure of the organizer’s making, postmarked back to you by January 15, 2022.
  • Images of all submitted papers along with recipes, uploaded to Instagram @handmadePaperExchange

And a Bonus!

  • All participants will be entered in a random drawing to win a full set of all papers submitted. The winner will be announced on New Year’s Day on the Instagram page

email with questions!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does the fee cover?

A: The fee covers USPS priority mail return shipment of papers to all participants. This fee is $7.95 for domestic shipping and $28.50 for international shipping. The fee will also cover shipment of one full set of papers to the drawing winner. Remaining funds will be donated to the Hand Papermaking Magazine’s Black Writers Fellowship Fund

Q: Can I send paper bigger or smaller than the A4/B5/D4/US letter size?

A: Please keep your paper in the realm of these standard sizes.

Q: I can’t make paper in time for this swap. Can I send in paper I’ve purchased?

A: If it’s handmade paper then absolutely! If it’s one of the standard sizes, great. It it’s not, please cut it to size. Also, include any and all information you know about it!

Q: Do all 11 sheets need to be the same?

A: Nope. Just make sure to send recipes or information about each one.

Q: Can I email you my recipe instead of mailing it with my paper?

A: You can. Email:

Q: I have an idea that might make this swap more inclusive, or I want to participate but have a resource barrier. Can I contact you about it?

A: My hope is that you will!

Happy Papermaking!

Check out this other swap!

If you aren’t interested or able to make full sheets for the swap, check out this other swap that compiles 2” x 3” swatch samples and recipes. It will serve as a resource and inspiration to you for years to come.

3 comments on “Handmade Paper Exchange

  1. Barrie S Mason
    September 25, 2021

    This sounds like FUN. Count me in.


  2. Akua Lezli Hope
    September 30, 2021

    I’ve made my 11 sheets, just have to figure out how to mail them. Yay!


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