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Considering Printing?

An email showed up in my inbox from a friend who knows I’m studying paper. She said she noticed the following signature on an email she recently received:

consider the environment



Her email read, “Does printing waste anything at all? I argue with people in my department that printing on paper, reading it then recycling properly is okay. They don’t believe me.’

I shared with her another signature that I’ve seen added to emails:









I researched some resources on the web that address the ‘to print or not to print’ quandary of our times. Hopefully you find them as useful as I did when deciding where I stand on the issue.


Domtar Paper company responds to the ‘don’t print this’ signature [click here]

A thoughtful flow chart from Pixel and Print Logic to help decide if you should print or not [click here]

A useful ecographic from the organization Two Sides [click here]

2 comments on “Considering Printing?

  1. Mary Jo Koranda
    April 8, 2014

    What I don’t like about the don’t print message is the same thing I don’t like about people asking on election day if I voted. An assumption is being made you wouldn’t even think of not printing unless this wiser person suggested it.


  2. thefiberwire
    April 8, 2014

    I hear what you’re saying, Mary Jo. The ‘don’t print this’ message might be well-intentioned but comes across as quite condescending. I feel empowered now that I’m learning how sustainable the paper industry truly is and can engage people about the claim of this signature. Most times the person isn’t snooty at all, they just want to do right by the natural environment in the best way they know how.


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