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People Posting About Paper

On Monday I posted several tweets I enjoyed from the week which met with positive response. Today I’m posting links to several blogs I frequent, along with the descriptions from their ‘About’ pages. Part of this is to share with you the great resource of writers and paper lovers I’m discovering on the internet. The other part is that it is finals week and curating content is less time-consuming than creating content. I hope that you enjoy these sites as much as I do and I’ll see you on Friday when I emerge from my textbooks.

Paperslurry A blog and online resource for hand papermaking. We regularly feature a range of things, including papermaking artists, art, socially engaged paper projects, tutorials, reviews, studio tours, exhibitions, equipment guides, news, critical discourse, and any scraps of paper-related content that piques the interest.

An infographic on how to make paper by hand. It’s awesome!

All About Papercutting: Paper is a simple material that can be manipulated in endless ways. From flat pieces to 3 dimensional sculptures and installations, to photographic images and animation, paper has the potential to become whatever we want. The only limit is our imagination.

A post on Sue Jeong’s 3-D delightful illustration series of commercial paper production.

All Things PaperTopics range from the latest on the craft scene – stylish DIYs, trends, and book reviews – to interviews with established artists and features about novice artisans with big ideas. I hope you’ll be inspired to look at paper in a new light.

A video and post on sculptor James Grashow and his magnificent cardboard creations. 

Credit: The featured image in this post is taken from the ‘Make Paper’ infographic from PaperSlurry mentioned in this post. I’m just a little obsessed with it!

2 comments on “People Posting About Paper

  1. CelesteRegal
    April 30, 2014

    Lots of good sites. Thnx. Have some golden flax I’m about to put in the Valley Hollander.


  2. thefiberwire
    May 1, 2014

    I’m glad you liked it! How did the flax turn out? What are you making?


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