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Two Papermaking Podcasts For You

A friend recently commented on the two interviews I’ve posted to the blog so far. He enjoyed them and suggested I look into sharing interviews as audio files, too. I like the idea and started poking around looking for existing podcasts dealing with paper and books. The two podcasts I found are full libraries of interviews and discussions with papermakers, conservators, printmakers, booksellers, book artists and book binders. One is an archive of podcasts and the other is still current.

Steve Miller, coordinator of the Master of Fine Arts in Book Arts at the University of Alabama, hosted a podcast called Book Artists and Poets. From 2005-2012 the podcast featured interviews with book artists, printers and papermakers. The following selections are only three of the many paper-focused episodes :

Timothy Barrett talking about his research analyzing 1500 book papers made between the 14th and 18th centuries

Kathryn and Howard Clark of Twinrocker Handmade Paper talking about the revival of handmade papermaking in America

Michael Durgin speaks about the excitement of co-founding the Hand Papermaking magazine

The other podcast is Bookbinding Now. Hosted by Susan Mills and Full Tilt Bookbinding Classes, Bookbinding Now is a current podcast based in New York City that posts every over Wednesday. There are many interviews featuring papermakers and artists working in paper.

Do you listen to other paper and book related podcasts? Do you create podcasts yourself or know of resources for creating podcasts? Links and suggestions appreciated!


One comment on “Two Papermaking Podcasts For You

  1. CelesteRegal
    May 14, 2014

    I’ve listened to many of these podcasts. They are full of information and the marvelous personalities that go with them. Shanna Leino is on them. She was my first serendipitous connection which led to Jim Croft….

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