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My Love Letter to

I wanted to take this ‘Paper Industry Monday’ to talk about the website Paper Classroom. The UK-based site is the work of Steve Mann who received his PhD from the Department of Paper Science in Manchester in 1982. I have this site bookmarked and regularly see whole mornings disappear into exploring its contents.

Personally, I’m most drawn to the potential of the Paperwiki they have started. Here is the intro from their wiki site:

There is a tremendous amount of information out there, so much in fact, that it is difficult to find just what you want, and at the level of detail you want. The purpose of this paperwiki is to provide a resource for the benefit of our students, past, present and future. It provides an overview of the industry at a level understandable to everyone, but with links to a deeper level if required. But we do not want to keep it to ourselves, and so we have decided to throw it open to anyone that would like to enjoy or contribute to it.

I hope that more and more people contribute because I think it could be a great resource for every one, industry professional and artist alike!

Beside the wiki, there are a series of quick tests covering subjects from paper history to fiber physics. They have a series of mind maps on paper topics (my favorite is on fibers) and a Google map of UK paper mills. Another incredible resource is the video course collection covering industrial papermaking topics, called Paper Classroom TV.

Paper Classroom advertises themselves as THE technical learning resource for the paper industry and I couldn’t agree more. The only thing I’d add is that non-industry paper lovers have a lot to gain from the contents of the site, too. Have fun checking it out (and kiss the next few hours goodbye!).

PS If you live in that neck of the woods you can attend one of their short courses in person. Here is the announcement for the upcoming TWA People Development course:

Focus on Fibers Hands-On Papermaking Short Course

Also an announcement for a 5-day course at Apsley Paper Trail. This course is geared towards managers in the UK paper industry:

Understanding the Papermaking Process – June 2014



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