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Sping 2015: Fiber Art Now Article

Presenting my very first feature article, published in the magazine Fiber Art Now! I had the pleasure of interviewing Su Blackwell, Jennifer Collier and Pippa Andrews about their work with paper. I hope you enjoy it.

Throughout its history as a material, paper has played an important role in the spreading of news and ideas. Stories and events are printed in books and newspapers, lands are charted on maps, and memories are recorded as photographs. Some paper artifacts are lovingly preserved while others end up recycled or simply lost to time. There is, however, another potential fate awaiting paper once its intended use is fulfilled – it could unexpectedly be transformed into a work of art.

Instead of recycling, which is reusing material to make more of the same material; upcyling is the process of transforming materials into a new material or product, often with greater use or value. With imagination and ingenuity, the following English artists are rescuing ephemeral paper objects from the trash or recycling bin, using the found fiber to create new work. In the hands of Su Blackwell, a book gets read one last time before the pages are shaped into sculpture. Jennifer Collier invites viewers to reimagine ordinary objects, which she refashions from paper scraps from the past. The newspaper survives to see a day past its print date in the 3-D work of Pippa Andrews.

To keep reading, click the article below.

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